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Revolutionize the way you compete : Manage all sales activities from order taking to shipment on a fully integrated end-to-end platform.

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Repzone offers team management, sales force automation, retail execution, B2B, POS data collection in a fully integrated platform.

  • Mobile CRM

    Capture a 360 ° view of your customers and maximize customer engagement. Maximize your sales efficiency with the mobile platform that works online and offline, where your customer's previous sales information is always with you. Continue

  • Team Management

    Increase productivity by tracking your team's live locations and activities. Analyze your team's daily work end-to-end with breaks and leaves. Continue

  • Retail Execution

    Manage all your in-store activities quickly and easily with photo, video and digital signature. Control your stores and track promotions and events on the map. Continue

  • Sales Force Automation

    Manage all field sales processes with product catalogs, substitute products, distribution lists, must stock lists, suggested orders, sales targets, budgets, map-based activities and shipping plans, and analyze them on self service dashboards. Continue

  • B2B E-Commerce

    Let your customers buy your products any time, anywhere through an user-friendly, easy to use B2B platform. Continue

  • Global POS Data Collection

    Analyze stock and sales data from all channels : Your distributors, chain stores, market places and 3rd party platforms. Continue

Mobil CRM
Takım Yönetimi
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Satış Gücü
B2B E-Ticaret
Global Pos Data

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